About Ideas Not Ready for Use

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Vol. 8(1), pp. 337-338, July, 2022

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Short Communication


About Ideas Not Ready for Use

Adib Ben Jebara

Tunis, Tunisia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received June  2022, Accepted June 2022

Most people would say that they are convinced that new ideas are necessary but they do not act accordingly and reject new ideas because not obvious. Work is not to apply procedures without being qualified needed.Updating of knowledge will lead to change of structures and procedures, with following the procedures being not mandatory but advised, Ideas not ready for use can give birth to ideas ready for use.

Key words: Knowledge, mandatory, birth




Religions give ideas ready to use but philosophy does not most of the time. The contribution of the Western World in philosophy can be a guide from wisdom to some action rather by its derived consequences than by the philosophy itself. Marxism is seen as an exception (to the need to be developed) by those who use it. In Western world philosophy, the concern about research about Nature

is what is most new as philosophy. Fundamental research about Nature is not ready to use if not followed by inventions or research and development.


Main text

It is the excess of specialization which makes ideas remain not ready for use. Over-specialized people cannot go fetch an idea to give the idea a continuation. For instance, nowadays there are no mathematicians who are at the same time physicists, like initiated by Archimedes many centuries ago. Some ideas come without some evidence supporting them. They provide a topic forresearch and should not be rejected.New ideas come from creative people and most people are not creative people.

Western World philosophy is more or less a consequence of the opinion that new ideas are always needed. Most people would say that they are convincedthat new ideas are necessary but they do notact accordingly and reject new ideas because not obvious.

Topics not taken care of are a shortcut to a contribution which can be considered important after some years if not when made. Philosophy can be used to find new ideas in economics and management. The problem is that new ideas take too much time.Work is not to apply procedures without being qualified needed. If no updating of knowledge was necessary, solutions would have already be found to any dead end such as budgetary deadend (without borrowing until over-indebtedness).Updating of knowledge will lead to change of structures and procedures; with following theprocedures being not mandatory but advised,with a control of results. There should be more than one unit of internal audit, according to activities, nearer to the activities.There could be a unit for help (to support) to recover funds or it could be enlarged or moved.

Ideas not ready for use can give birth to ideas ready for use.Research in a specialty can give a maturity useful for researchin another specialty.What is needed is to invest.To study the behavior of some historical figures can help research.




In some countries with some socialism, experts are not more respected than other people and that is not a good thing. Capitalism can have a failure like in the United States where a lot of people are poor. Each Age has its limitations  in  science  and  if  breakthroughs


occur, a new Age is entered. New philosophical help breakthroughs in science Occur and scientific discoveries induce new philosophical ideas. Most researchers are lost in details which are not interesting while broad lines are to be discovered. People who are not researchers have sometimes to do some research to introduce some change in some task for improvement. Sometimes the quality of results is difficult to assess.

A level of activity which does not vary much has among other advantages that activity can be predicted. People try to impress us by the length of their texts, without providing any explanation of any phenomenon. The solution of problems of management or administration is totalquality management.The solutions are drawn from analysis of causes of problems.Analysis of causes of problems must be given time.





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