About management of changing works

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Vol. 7(1), p 310 311, June, 2021

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Short communication

About management of changing works


Adib Ben Jebara

Retired researcher, Tunis, Tunisia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received June, 2021; Accepted June, 2021


People consider, especially in the developing countries, that we just have to use past inventions, and that we should be allowed to assume that technologies will remain mainly the same. Such a mentality is even contagious. That makes people opt for small improvements, which are not even always really improvements, and that is considered a compromise. Most States give a bad example by reducing the expenses of Research and Development in the public sector. However, there are many experiments in physics and even astronomy but neither many thoughtful new theories nor quite new inventions, from the research. That is because results of experiments are not analyzed enough.

The people who have a mentality of inheritors would not be founders of anything. People consider that they are paid to make small changes about what is already known. For a new existing product, there must be investment, but the product can supplant an old product so the investment would not be lost. Marxism had a consequence of a higher standard of living from a higher standard of living of manual workers. That is why it was very successful but for a time.

Research and development is an important component of the management of changing works and fundamental research can be considered as required for a far reaching research and development. The French model for research with a small number of researchers in each discipline turned out to be not competitive enough anymore. Trump and Pence wanted to insert such a model in the United States to make America never great again.

To reach the forefront of research is sometimes a matter of shortcuts. What is wished for is to keep the pace of publishing for quite some time to resuscitate intellectualism. Like total quality management, a good research and development can be bringing a mindset which is a shortcut to development for developing countries. Unfortunately, people

would like to consider only the new ideas compatible with their preference for not being asked for any deep thinking.

Also, there are no one in this Age who knows well both mathematics and philosophy, although it can prove useful about questioning foundations of sciences. Economics presently emphasizes the necessity of a great investment regardless of where it is located. Economics ignores the existence of shortcuts for developing an economy. It also emphasizes the necessity of a great increase of GDP but not from cutting costs, which could make the values added more important.

German philosophers of science rely presently on hard work but not on deep thinking so they do not like my philosophy. That is also the case with some Dutch philosophers. Besides, they are all over-specialized. What is difficult is to find a new way which is not a dead end. Such a thing (dead end) is the most apparent in mathematics for instance with a property not allowed. Such an experience (with mathematics) can be painful. Research in mathematics teaches not to have a pride without a good reason. A pride without a good reason often occurs in economics (research in economics).

One must philosophize and add to knowledge to solve problems. One must even curve his/her mind to look for what is sensitive, which is to reason like a manager rather than an administrative officer. What can be noticed is that either a job is done in a rush with not enough quality or Is done with wasted time. The worst mistake of management is when s big project is canceled after years of work. Such a thing would not happen if deepened thinking was there.

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